/Disgusting: Fiat 500 Covered in Human Hair!

Disgusting: Fiat 500 Covered in Human Hair!

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You can definitely classify this under ‘weird sh*t people do to become famous’ category. A stylist from Italy has covered her classic Fiat 500, all of it, in human hair. She has apparently used over 20 kg of hair, some of it imported from India.

44-year-old Maria Lucia Mugno says Indian hair is stronger than European hair, which sounds like flawless logic, at least by the standards of a project whose goal is to cover a Fiat 500 in hair. Fortunately, it is head hair they are talking about here, so it’s only a little disgusting.

As you’d expect, this project was the result of a bet. Nobody in their right mind wakes up one morning and thinks maybe I should put some hair on my car today. Apparently a friend of Maria once said she can’t cover a car in human hair, so the middle aged woman, having nothing better to with her time, took up the challenge. Once she had all the hair she needed, it took Maria and her assistant 150 hours to glue them to the car.

So there you go, one Guinness World Record certificate for something utterly useless. Well, not utterly. Maria occasionally drives this hairy 500!

Via Yahoo News

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