/Driving the Ferrari F40 For the First Time

Driving the Ferrari F40 For the First Time

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Young super car guru Marchettino who started out in this business, and continues to this day, spotting rare super cars in exotic places, recently got to pop his Ferrari F40 cherry. His video diary of the experience gives you an idea what it’s like to drive what’s possibly the greatest car in ever built for the very first time.

Marchettino is accompanied by his friend and Ferrari 599 owner Stefano. Be prepared for some proper Italian-accented English and lots of hand gestures!

The reason Ferrari F40 is considered the greatest super car, nay, car ever built in the history is partly because of the media – we have to be honest – and partly because this car delivers the purest form of driving joy. It is often described as a go kart with a twin-turbo V8 which is fairly accurate description of what the F40 feels like to drive.

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