/Porsche 991 Art Car from Saudi Arabia

Porsche 991 Art Car from Saudi Arabia

991 Art Car 0 600x383 at Porsche 991 Art Car from Saudi Arabia

The ‘art car’ fever is raging these days stronger than ever. Every other week we come across a new and interesting art car based on a famous sports or super car, some of them originating from places not exactly famous for their art and culture.

Take this Porsche 991 art car for example. Out of a million guesses you wouldn’t get where it’s come from! This beautiful 911 is the work of a Saudi Arabian artist who apparently was bored with the way his sports car looked and decided to liven things up a bit. Not all arabs are interested in gold wraps and flamboyant body kits. Some of them do appreciate fine art!

The most staggering bit is the design on this Porsche 991 Art Car. Now, we are no art expert, but we do know that that Saudi’s art culture is a world apart from that abstract design and those lively and vibrant colors. It is an amazing look for the car and it’s been done with utmost care and passion. Very nice indeed. Not sure if it’s legal to drive around in a car like this in Saudi Arabia, but even if it’s not, the owner can use the car as decor, enjoy looking at it.

Via GTspirit

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