/Porsche Macan Moose Test Result Declared “Strange”

Porsche Macan Moose Test Result Declared “Strange”

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The Swede have a natural talent for conducting the Moose Test, which is a violent left-right maneuver that challenges the car’s stability and its ability to change direction without rolling over. Teknikens Värld Magazine, who have found faults with many cars in the past, has now tested the Porsche Macan and deemed the result “strange.”

Porsche Macan Moose test did not result in a near-death experience for the driver like it did when they tested a Jeep Cherokee in 2012. But it also wasn’t a pass, since the the car’s left front wheel locked up and as a result the car kept moving straight when it should have turned right. In a real-life situation that could result in a head-on crash with the vehicle coming the other way.

It certainly appeared as a fault to the test drivers, but Porsche responded to their verdict, clarifying that what they experienced was not a fault, but rather a safety feature called Active Rollover Prevention (ARP):

The precise, momentary application of brake force to the front wheel at the outside of the bend down to the low slip range minimises cornering forces to avoid critical or instable driving conditions such as oversteer, rollover or detachment of the tyre from the wheel. Situations such as these may not be controllable by the driver.

Teknikens Värld drivers maintain that this behavior could be dangerous, even if it last only for 300 milliseconds as Porsche claims. They also say that BMW X4 and Range Rover Evoque “perform significantly more secure.”

For the complete story check out: Teknikens Värld

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