/Sights and Sounds: Ferrari 599XX EVO

Sights and Sounds: Ferrari 599XX EVO

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Ferrari 599XX EVO is one of the most peculiar car the Italian car maker has ever produced. It is a track-only version of the 599 road car, which cost, when it was introduced, near as makes no difference $2 million. But you couldn’t take it home with you. It also comes with a rear spoiler which is a $500K optional extra!

Sounds like a terrible deal, but almost 30 people bought the Ferrari 599XX EVO and have been enjoying it since during official Ferrari track day events. Here’s one of them brought to – well, pulled into – the street of Beverly Hills as part of Ferrari 60th anniversary celebrations:

Compared to the standard 599, the stripped-out Ferrari 599XX EVO is considerably lighter and has a more powerful engine as well – 700 against 620. It also gets racing slick tires  (29/67 R19 Front and 31/71 R19 Rear) and a unique aero kit that produces 80 kg of downforce at 200 km/h (630 kg at 300 km/h). The F1-inspired DRS rear wing is part of the aero package and plays a major role in keeping the car in check during high speed cornering.

Video by Shmee150

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