/Sights and Sounds: Matte Green Ferrari F40

Sights and Sounds: Matte Green Ferrari F40

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In car terms, Ferrari F40 is the equivalent of the Pope. It is considered to be the purest form of super car, which of course makes it the very best car ever built. The F40 is held in such regard that any form of modifications to it is considered sacrilegious by its hard-core fans.

But in the same way that it is healthy to poke fun at the Pope every once in a while, It is OK to modify the F40, if you know what you’re doing. This matte green Ferrari F40 is a good case in point.

The owners of this F40 was kind of bored with his car red paint job and so he had it wrapped in one of the coolest color you can choose for any car: matte green. Combined with a black front splitter, black mirrors, and black wheels, the wrap gives the Italian super car a whole new style that is very pleasant to look at. We have a sneaking suspicion the car also features an aftermarket exhaust system as well, judging by the way it sounds.

Video by Spencer Berke

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