/Super Weird McLaren P1 Spotted in China

Super Weird McLaren P1 Spotted in China

p1 weird 1 at Super Weird McLaren P1 Spotted in China

We can only hope this is a wrap and not an actual paint job, because if it is, that means McLaren Special Operations will do anything their wealthy customers ask without considering the damage they might cause to the brand’s image. This horrid multi-color McLaren P1 was spotted somewhere in China.

Nowhere else in the world people find such a terrible combination of colors desirable, especially on a multi million dollar hyper car like the McLaren P1. But apparently in China the weirder you look, the cooler you appear in the eyes of the public. The owner of this P1, then, must have severe complexes for him to paint his car like this. He needed to stand out really bad.

The car is yellow on the bonnet, roof and bumpers, and green on the fenders, wings and pillars. The door insert are yellow again, but real spoiler, well that one is painted red, yellow, and blue, which we think is the colors of the flag of Colombia. This thing really is a clown car in every sense of the word.

p1 weird 2 at Super Weird McLaren P1 Spotted in China

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