/Action-Filled Promo for Jaguar F-Type R AWD

Action-Filled Promo for Jaguar F-Type R AWD

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As you know from our previous reports, Jaguar will soon release an all-wheel-drive version of the F-Type sports car. They saw an opportunity in this to team up with the Bloodhound project, a British effort to reach 1,000 mph on land, to both support the project and also promote the Jaguar F-Type R AWD.

Both these machines, after all, are all about speed and precision. The Bloodhound SSC with its jet engines and rockets, and Jaguar F-Type R AWD with its supercharged V8 engine and sophisticated four-wheel-drive system.

This amazing promo clip puts in perspective what Jaguar has in mind for their AWD baby:

Details of Jaguar F-Type R AWD are yet to be revealed – at the Los Angeles Auto Show – but apparently AWD will only be offered for the V8-powered R version at launch. That is the only version for which such system makes sense, as it has way too much power for its size and could use more stability and sure-footedness. 

The AWD will not be the last variant of the F-Type. There will be 14 different variants and editions of the Jaguar in due time, including a four-cylinder entry-level model and a manual gearbox version.

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