/Day-Old McLaren P1 Crashed in Dallas

Day-Old McLaren P1 Crashed in Dallas

McLaren P1 Crashed 1 600x353 at Day Old McLaren P1 Crashed in Dallas

That Japanese guy who drove his McLaren P1 up a toll booth should count himself lucky, because it could worse. Much worse. A man in Dallas, Texas, went out for a drive in his brand-new P1, which he reportedly had picked up just the day before, and, well, pretty much totaled it.

It is hard to look at the pictures of this crashed McLaren P1 without cringing a bit, not the least because you know it has cost someone nearly $1.5 million, and that it is probably going to cost at least half a million to be fixed. That is if McLaren says this car is fixable at all.

As you know, cars like the P1 which feature a carbon tub are notoriously hard to repair if you damage the chassis. And that seems to be the case with this P1. It basically needs a new chassis, and a whole host of other bits and bobs along with it. Frankly it seems more logical to break down this car and sell it as parts!

Even though the McLaren P1 is an easy car to driver, it is still a 900+ horsepower, rear-wheel-drive speed machine. You need to be extra extra careful with it, and whatever you do, never ever turn the traction control off.

McLaren P1 Crashed 2 600x355 at Day Old McLaren P1 Crashed in Dallas

McLaren P1 Crashed 3 600x467 at Day Old McLaren P1 Crashed in Dallas

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