/Fully Functioning Red Bull F1 Car on Sale

Fully Functioning Red Bull F1 Car on Sale

Red Bull F1 0 at Fully Functioning Red Bull F1 Car on Sale

An individual in Britain has just listed his car for sale. He is asking £250,000 for it, which sounds a bit steep, considering the car in question is second hand, has only one seat, and no boot… Until you realize it is actually a genuine and fully functioning 2007 Red Bull F1 car!

It’s actually better than that, as this real and original Red Bull F1 car has taken part in actual Gran Prix races in Australia, Monaco, Bahrain, Malaysia and Spain, in the hands of one of F1’s former hotshots, Mark Webber. 

You can actually drive this piece of motorsport history if you want, as it comes with loads of parts and extras, including different aero packages with high- and low-downforce set-ups, extra wheels, engine covers, headrests and floor panels. If the fragile 2.4-litres V8 breaks down, however, you are on your own fixing it.

It is not likely for this Red Bull F1 car to see action again. Some businessman will probably buy it and use it as decoration for his office.

Via Top Gear

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