/Gallery: BMW Abu Dhabi Roadshow 2014

Gallery: BMW Abu Dhabi Roadshow 2014

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Over the past few months BMW Abu Dhabi has been showing off their unique lineup of high-end Bimmers, which also includes a number of nicely tuned models. This time they decided to bring all of them out at the same time and have a roadshow at the Yas Marina Cirucit. They call this event ‘M Meets X’.

Most of the great cars from BMW Abu Dhabi lineup we have already shown you, such as this Java Green M6 or this Alpina B6, were present at the Roadshow. The event also served as a mini welcome party for the new X4 crossover, and a chance for the participants to get acquainted with the hot out of oven M4 and M3.

The new M-powered saloons are both powered by a twin-turbo straight-sic engine with 430 horsepower and are arguably the best looking M cars to date. They might soon be overshadowed by the upcoming M2 which not only looks hotter, it is also closer in character to the original E30 M3. That car was represented at the event by the M235i, a mini-M car with a 330 horsepower version of the same engine in the M4, combined with lighter weight and a more compact size. A whole host of M5s and M6s were also at the track.

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