/James May Knows “The Car That Changed The World”

James May Knows “The Car That Changed The World”

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Following his hugely interesting, but somewhat boring, Cars of the People three-parter, Top Gear’s James May is now going to answer another burning question: what was the car that changed the world. Mr Slowly has the answer, says he, and he will reveal it during a special show at London Classic Car Show in early 2015.

James May has a list of 13 cars the he reckons were the most influential and worthy of being considered important enough to have changed the world in some way. He divides them into two categories, with the fairly obvious ones like the Model T, the Beetle or the Mustang found under the ‘Hall of Obviousness’, and the more tricky ones whose contribution may have not been all that positive under the ‘Corridors of Bloody Mindedness’. There is but one single car which May believes wins the title of the car that changed the world, and he is going to keep it under wraps until showtime.

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Commenting on his new gig, James May said: “It’s amazing to think that the car has always been future proof – even the earliest cars, whether powered by petrol, steam or electricity, are still running today. Of course, all the cars on show are my choices and are just as likely to start an argument as end one. I’ve already had a complaint from someone that the Austin Seven hasn’t been included. It’s a point of view not without merit, but… tough.”

Captain Slow will be joined by TV Chef James Martin, who as well as displaying his private collection of classics, will be running the James Martin Classic Café at the London Classic Car Show. May will also be part of Top Gear Live UK’s biggest UK tour ever later this month.

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