/LaFerrari v McLaren P1 on Italian Roads

LaFerrari v McLaren P1 on Italian Roads

LaFerrari v McLaren P1 600x328 at LaFerrari v McLaren P1 on Italian Roads

Here’s a weekend special sort of thing for you: LaFerrari v McLaren P1 road test by Car Magazine UK. The guys drive both hyper cars in an exuberant manner on some of northern Italy’s finest mountain roads. It’s a five-minute no-nonsense review with no unnecessary drifting or track work.

Chances are we won’t see a head to head LaFerrari v McLaren P1 v Porsche 918 battle until the next Top Gear season arrives. So for now you can check out this video and then Evo’s review of the P1 versus the 918 to get an idea which one of these three is the superior product.

Facts check: LaFerrari has 960 horsepower against the P1’s 916. The Ferrari boasts a naturally-aspirated V12 boosted with KERS, whereas the McLaren has a twin-turbo V8 which is connected to a beefy electric motor that doubles as starter motor for the petrol unit. The Fezza takes great pride in its enormous torque which makes it a bit twitchy and therefore more of an occasion, while the big Mac relies on its turbo boost to provide the same sort of thrill while remaining fairly docile and incredibly comfortable for a hyper car.

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