/McLaren Sports Series: First Proper Teaser Image

McLaren Sports Series: First Proper Teaser Image

McLaren Sports Series new 600x396 at McLaren Sports Series: First Proper Teaser Image

McLaren has been teasing us with highly obscure shots of their new sports for weeks. But now they have released a new teaser picture that shows the whole of McLaren Sports Series. It is not fully revealing, but it does at least give you an idea about the car’s size and profile.

The new McLaren Sports Series teaser also confirms the early suspicions that it is a slightly smaller, less powerful, and slower version of the 650S, pitched as a true sports car. Not that that’s a bad thing. The 650S is great enough for a low-fat version of it to still be a fantastic driving machine. But to be honest it does kind of feel like McLaren is being lazy with the new model!

McLaren Sports Series aka P13 has the same basic carbon tub, suspension, electronics, and crucially, 3.8 liter bi-turbo engine as the 650S. That engine will be tuned to around 500 horsepower in the lighter, more compact sports car, but then the lower weight will make it fast enough to rival the Porsche 911 Turbo.

As for the looks, well, the teaser image does not offer ay particularly useful information. But with a profile like that you can tell that the car is going to look fairly similar to its bigger brother. In short then, the new McLaren appears to be aimed at those who cannot afford a 650S.

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