/Combo Spot: Yellow Porsche 918 & Red Carrera GT

Combo Spot: Yellow Porsche 918 & Red Carrera GT

Yellow Porsche 918 0 600x335 at Combo Spot: Yellow Porsche 918 & Red Carrera GT

Nagoya, Japan, was recently the scene of a very rare and extraordinary event. As amazing as it is to see a bright yellow Porsche 918 Spyder out in the wild, this car was spotted parked next to an equally rare and impressive red Porsche Carrera GT.

So if you are a diehard Porsche enthusiast, make sure you sit down before you check out these pictures, or may get a heart attack or something! It is absolutely wonderful to see these magnificent cars, both of which rank among the automotive world’s all-time greats, together.

Now, the yellow Porsche 918 may attract a lot more attention, what with it being newer and more technologically advanced. But if we’re honest we’re blown away by how awesome the Carrera GT looks after more than a decade of being around. It really is an excellent piece of automotive history.

Just to give you a quick briefing on these cars’ specs and details, the Carrera GT features a 630 horsepower V10 engine that came straight from a Le Mans project, and uses a manual transmission. The 918 meanwhile has a V8 unit, also from a racing car, boosted with a couple of electric motors to 886 horsepower. The Spyder has a super clever dual-clutch PDK transmission and four-wheel-drive.

Via Autogespot

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