/Shock Meets Awe: Challenger Hellcat v Camaro ZL1

Shock Meets Awe: Challenger Hellcat v Camaro ZL1

Challenger Hellcat v Camaro ZL1 600x337 at Shock Meets Awe: Challenger Hellcat v Camaro ZL1

Well it finally happened! Finally we get to see the Dodge Challenger Hellcat taking on a car it is meant to take on. We have seen tons of videos pitting the 700-hp muscle car against Euro-chic sports cars and unlikely rivals. This time though, the Hellboy is facing the Camaro ZL1, another steroid-infused muscle car.

So Jonny Lieberman is your adjudicator, and the beautiful surroundings of Marin County in San Francisco is the location for this muscle car battle royale. Let the violence commence:

So as you just saw, the fact that the Camaro ZL1 has ‘only’ 580 horsepower does not mean it cannot be compared to the 707 horsepower Challenger Hellcat. The Dodge is bigger and heavier, and anyway, a 100 and so horsepower disadvantage is not that perceptible in the real world. So there you go, the elephant in the room has been addressed!

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