/2015 Ford Focus Is a Control Freak!

2015 Ford Focus Is a Control Freak!

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Before we tell you about the new system added to the 2015 Ford Focus to make it such a control freak, we should point out it is not such a bad thing. The car is equipped with this system to save you from yourself when your talent runs out and you might kill yourself.

The new system is an advanced stability control device which is essentially an anti-spin system. The technology is designed to predict potential vehicle spinouts and it can intervene and try to correct the vehicle’s behavior sooner than previous generation stability control systems.

Ford call this feature the enhanced transitional stability technology. It uses  real-time sensor data to trigger spinout-mitigating braking inputs from vehicle’s electronic stability control. The main factors the system is constantly monitoring include the car’s speed, steering wheel position, turn rate of the steering wheel. It takes the system 100 to 200 milliseconds to react to a possible spin.

So 2015 Ford Focus is probably not a car for people who like to drift. But normal people will feel a lot safer in it.

“By recognizing scenarios that can lead to a potential loss of driver control before oversteer has developed, the enhanced transitional stability system is setting the recovery process in motion quicker than ever before – resulting in smoother, more refined control,” said David Messih, Brake Controls manager, Ford North America.

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