/How About a McLaren P1 Pickup Truck?

How About a McLaren P1 Pickup Truck?

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McLaren people are famous for their utter lack of humor. Just a glance at the stern expression on Ron Dennis’ face will tell you all you need to know. That is why poking fun at this company is always a goof laugh. That is also why this McLaren P1 pickup truck, rendered just for fun, is so hilarious.

I mean, nothing can make those serious engineers and designers at McLarne more mad than turning their beloved P1 hyper car into a pickup, or a Ute to be more precise. This is just a rendering, of course, but when you have an almost OCD level of precision and sophistication, that is enough to give your nervous system a good old jolt.

The designer of this imaginary McLaren P1 pickup truck, Yasid Design, acknowledges that what he’s done here is wrong, but he’s also proud of the end result. There is just some slight issue with where the engine goes in this car. That massive 3.8 liter hybrid V8 just cannot fit in the bed of the truck. Not that that’s the only thing wrong with this whole idea!

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