/McLaren P1 GTR Revealed in Production Form

McLaren P1 GTR Revealed in Production Form

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The highly exquisite McLaren P1 GTR has made at least three debuts so far. But the difference between those and this fourth one is that the previous GTRs were all prototypes, while this one’s the real deal – the production version. A fifth global debut is planned for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Save the racing livery, the production McLaren P1 GTR is exactly the same thing we saw before in prototypes. The livery is an homage to the yellow and green McLaren F1 GTR, chassis #06R, which was a Le Mans winner.

The P1 GTR won’t compete in Le Mans. In fact, it doesn’t qualify for any official FIA racing series. Instead, people who buy the GTR – and there won’t be many of them, as production is strictly limited – will get their own racing series organized by McLaren. That’s what McLaren calls the Driver Program and its cost is included in the 2 million GBP price tag.

In terms of performance, McLaren P1 GTR is 10 percent more powerful than the road going car and 50 kg lighter. The 3.8 liter hybrid powertrain is tuned to deliver in this car 1,000PS; 800PS (789bhp) is produced by the petrol engine, coupled to 200PS (197bhp) available immediately from the electric motor. What’s more, the chassis, suspension, and aerodynamics have a more aggressive setup in the GTR.

Those fortunate few who will be able to get their hands on a McLaren P1 GTR will have a jolly good time driving it on the race track. And they need not worry about the maintenance, as McLaren will take care of that, and transportation even, for them.

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