/Official: Aston Martin Vulcan Track Car

Official: Aston Martin Vulcan Track Car

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The fire-breathing monster Aston Martin has been teasing us with for the past couple of weeks has now been revealed in full. The Aston Martin Vulcan is a track-only hyper car, packing 800-plus bhp, and it is going to rival McLaren P1 GTR and LaFerrari FXX K.

Aesthetically, Aston Martin Vulcan is a bit of a let down if we’re brutally honest. Everybody was expecting a sexy new Aston with celestial eyes and erotic curves and what not. But what the car is in reality is a purely functional all-carbon racer that has a resemblance to the old GT3 cars. It is understandable, of course, since the Vulcan is built for performance and not for the show.

Limited to just 24 examples, Aston Martin Vulcan is made almost entirely out of carbon fiber and weighs very little. That explains that huge rear wing which is there to stop the car flying away at high speed. Power comes from a 7.0 liter V12 like the one used in the One-77 with 800+ brake horsepower, all of which is sent to the 345/30 x19 rear wheels via a race-bred rear mid-mounted Xtrac six-speed sequential shift gearbox.

Another important feature of the Vulcan is its racing suspension and traction systems, consisting of pushrod suspension with anti-dive geometry, Multimatic’s Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV) adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars front and rear, driver-adjustable anti-lock braking, and variable traction control.

As is the case with its main rivals, Aston Martin Vulcan also comes with a special driver training program to help the buyers get accustomed to the car’s extreme performance. Pricing has not been revealed yet, but expect something close to 2million GBP. You can view the car up close at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

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