/BBC Loses Million of Viewers Due to Top Gear Suspension

BBC Loses Million of Viewers Due to Top Gear Suspension

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Looks like the fans are not the only ones suffering from ongoing cacophonous affair that has caused the suspension of Jeremy Clarkson and, as a result of that, Top Gear. The BBC is said to be losing millions of viewers – that is license fee-paying viewers – because of it.

Even though the reports seem to be a bit exaggerated – after all, Top Gear is only on for two or three months every year – we won’t be at all surprised if some people abandon the BBC, not because TG isn’t on, but to show their solidarity with their favorite TV presenter, the pro puncher, Jeremy Clarkson!

We call him a pro puncher because it has come to light that Jezza was indeed prepared to hit Oisin Tymon – the producer which whom this little “dust-up” happened – more than once, if it weren’t for Jamey May and Richard Hammond – the only witnesses to the whole thing – who “held” Clarkson and stopped him from assaulting the poor guy.

Now, James has already said he was drunk that night, which of course means, Jeremy has been intoxicated as well. Unless, of course, James has made up the drunkenness story to avoid commenting on the issue. Not that Jeremy being drunk would make what he did OK.

Clarkson’s action on that godforsaken night is not justifiable by any standards. But his punishment is not getting fired and the show he basically built canceled. He has to apologize and, as Tymon has suggested, take some anger management classes. But please, bring the show back.

We wonder why we haven’t heard a word from Andy Wilman, the boss of all things Top Gear, on the issue. He is usually the first to defend Clarkson after he screws up. But this time he is suspiciously quiet!

Via Mirror

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