/Must Watch: 16x McLaren F1 GTR at Goodwood

Must Watch: 16x McLaren F1 GTR at Goodwood

16x McLaren F1 GTR 600x337 at Must Watch: 16x McLaren F1 GTR at Goodwood

The Goodwood Circuit recently hosted what can only be described as the most epic gathering of McLaren F1 GTR owners. No less than 16 GTRs arrived at the circuit in different historic liveries and in a number of different body styles, and, besides making an awesome sight, created a whole lotta noise!

No need to point out that the greatest one in this sea of McLaren F1 GTR is that weird but absolutely magnificent road-legal Longtail you see in the picture as well:

The engine powering the McLaren F1 GTR  and making this amazing noise is a BMW-made 6.0L V12 which, in its time, was the greatest engine in the world. It makes 600 horsepower which is powerful enough to give the 910 kg supercar blistering performance and light enough to give it excellent agility. We should point out that due to it downforce-tuned aero kit, the GTR was not as fast as the road-going McLaren F1 which could achieve 370 km/h.

Video by Marchettino

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