/Ferrari LaFerrari In a Ditch Is a Sad Sight

Ferrari LaFerrari In a Ditch Is a Sad Sight

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When thousands of years from now our descendants sit to list the most terrible calamities early human beings faced in their time, they will surely put car crashes in the top 5, along with stuff like climate change and Dick Cheney. Accidents are awful things, and the most awful kinds of all are those involving million dollar super cars like this Ferrari LaFerrari.

This sorry-looking LaFerrari was apparently on its way from the UK to France, on what we can only imagine was a hugely satisfying trip… right until the moment the driver lost control of the car and ended up in a ditch having suffered not serious but still remarkable damages.

The wing mirror and the rear quarter panel on this LaFerrari have got the worst of the impact and although they seem like light damage, fixing them will probably require a trip back to Maranello and Ferrari factory where they can replace the damaged parts. This is not a car your local garage can work on. The repair bill will also be pretty fat, but that doesn’t matter to man who drives a $2 million car.

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