/New Ferrari Movie in the Works, De Niro to Play Enzo

New Ferrari Movie in the Works, De Niro to Play Enzo

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It seems that Hollywood is finally getting around making that Enzo Ferrari biopic we’ve all been waiting for. This time you know it’s happening because Robert De Niro has already confirmed in an interview he is playing the big boss.

The amazing life story of Enzo Ferrari is a ready-made script and we wonder why it took Hollywood producers so long to recognize it. Of course, there has always been an interest, and a few feeble efforts, but now the Ferrari movie being done properly with a big budget and a big star.

The life of Enzo Ferrari has all the makings of a touching melodrama. Apart from his genius in the business which is what made Ferrari the global icon it is today, his personal life is also full of material for an observant writer to create an interesting story from. Enzo was known to be temperamental, sometimes incredibly callous and selfish. We all know how he turned out a good offer by Ford to purchase his company at the last minute. Enzo also lost a son; an event which had a profound effect on the man. Then there is his motivational skills in keeping his small band of craftsmen together despite all the hardships they were facing.

So in short, if directed well, the Ferrari movie could be one helluva film. When they made an imaginary Ferrari movie in Entourage for Vincent Chase to star in, they tapped Frank Darabont as the director. He would be a great choice for the real thing, but the word is that job is going to Clint Eastwood.

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