/Toyota Mirai Runs on Bullsh*t, See How…

Toyota Mirai Runs on Bullsh*t, See How…

toyota mirai cow manure 600x346 at Toyota Mirai Runs on Bullsh*t, See How…

Nope, the technology hasn’t yet enabled us to convert words into energy, thus running a car on bullsh*t. Interestingly though, you can run a car on actual bullsh*t. As explained in the video you are about to see, cow manure can be used to make hydrogen, which is then used to power cars like Toyota Mirai which is equipped with hydrogen fuel cell.

And it’s not just bullsh*t. Hydrogen can be extracted from a number of things found in nature. It is, after all, the most abundant element in the known universe.

Toyota Mirai Technical Specs:

  • FC stack
    • Name: Toyota FC Stack
    • Type: Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
    • Volume power density: 3.1 kW/L
    • Maximum output: 114 kW (155 DIN hp)
    • Humidification system: Internal circulation (humidifier-less)
  • High-pressure hydrogen tank
    • Number of tanks: 2
    • Nominal working pressure: 70 MPa (approx. 700 bar)
    • Tank storage density: 5.7 wt%
    • Tank internal volume: 122.4 liters (front tank: 60.0 liters; rear tank: 62.4 liters)
  • Motor
    • Type: AC synchronous electric generator
    • Maximum output: 113 kW (154 DIN hp)
    • Maximum torque: 335 Nm
  • Battery: Nickel-metal hydride
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 4,890 mm
    • Width: 1,815 mm
    • Height: 1,535 mm
    • Wheel-base: 2,780 mm
    • Track (front/rear): 1,535/1,545 mm
    • Minimum ground clearance: 130 mm
    • Interior length: 2,040 mm
    • Interior width: 1,465 mm
    • Interior height: 1,185 mm
    • Curb weight: 1,850 kg
    • Seating: 4
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