/Check Out the World’s First McLaren P1 Taxi!

Check Out the World’s First McLaren P1 Taxi!

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Turns out the Taiwanese have a good sense of humor! The world’s first McLaren P1 taxi has been photographed in that country, sending a wave of confusion and laughter around the social media. It can’t be real. It just can’t.

The owner of this yellow P1, which is most likely the only one in Taiwan, decided to sort of prank people by attaching a taxi sign on the roof of his multi million dollar hyper car. One would assume he ordered the car in this color just so he can pull off this thing. Not that it’s fooling anyone, of course.

Still, this fake McLaren P1 taxi makes you think twice before buying a yellow car. Color yellow is associated with cabs all around the world and that makes it kind of uncool, although there are great services of premier taxis where you can find some great cars to take around, even if they’re not a McLaren. Unless of course you have no problem with being mistaken for a cab. We wonder if anyone actually hailed this P1 on the street…

Photos by Wesley Cars Photography via GTspirit

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