/Jenson Button Spotted Driving His McLaren P1

Jenson Button Spotted Driving His McLaren P1

Jensen Button McLaren P1 0 600x362 at Jenson Button Spotted Driving His McLaren P1

Not to be outdone by Lewis Hamilton whose blue McLaren P1 created quite a buzz in the social media a few days ago, Jenson Button took to the streets of Monaco in his own P1. Jenson’s charcoal-colored Mac P1 may not be look as fancy as Lewis’, but at least it has a cool number plate!

That said, Button might be regretting choosing the plain Jane color for his McLaren P1 now that he sees what the company is capable of offering. But his car was one of the first to be delivered – a perk of being a McLaren Formula 1 driver – and when he was speccing it up the MSO – the special operations division that deals with unique paint jobs and stuff – was just starting to form.

Mr Button is not letting the dull color of his car dampen his mood though. As you can see in the pictures he likes to cruise around Monaco in full race mode. Once engaged, this mode raises up the rear spoiler and slams the car right to the ground. It’s not very practical for driving on pubic roads, but it looks damn cool and compensates to the color.

Maybe Button and Hamilton should race each other in their McLaren P1s around Monte Carlo. That would be very cool and a damn sight more exciting than the actual Grand Prix.

Via Autogespot

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