/Piech’s Own Porsche 918 Has Veyron SS Colors

Piech’s Own Porsche 918 Has Veyron SS Colors

Porsche 918 Veyron SS Colors 600x387 at Piech’s Own Porsche 918 Has Veyron SS Colors

Ferdinand Piech, the former boss of VW Group who recently stepped down from his position, is a man of peculiar taste. The charismatic German certainly has a knack for engineering but not so much for styling, on the evidence of the paint job on his personal Porsche 918 Spyder.

It is yet to be verified if this Porsche 918 really is Piech’s own car, but only the boss man could ask Porsche to paint this million Euro hyper car in the colors of the Bugatti Veyron SS. The two-tone black and orange with orange wheels is seen on the SuperSport and also Vitesse WRC edition of Bugatti Veyron; a car Herr Piech is very attached to.

It was Ferdinand Piech who basically brought back Bugatti from the brink of annihilation by acquiring the brand and building them a new car. Legend has it that when Piech assembled a crack engineering team from across the VW Group and told them about his plans for the Veyron half of them left the room crying that it was impossible and utterly mad. But Piech put his foot down and what emerged as the result of his stubbornness went on to become the greatest automobile in the history of the world. 

At any rate, this Veyron-inspired Porsche 918 seems like a nice tribute and a good parting gift… from Piech to himself!

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