/Spotlight: Arab Mansory Bentley Continental GT in Cannes

Spotlight: Arab Mansory Bentley Continental GT in Cannes

Mansory Bentley Continental GT 600x338 at Spotlight: Arab Mansory Bentley Continental GT in Cannes

Summer is almost upon us and that means, for the residents of Europe’s most beautiful cities at least, a flock of Arab-owned super cars will soon arrive to spend a few months vacationing away from the hellish heat of the desert. This white Mansory Bentley Continental GT is one of the firsts to arrive in Cannes, and judging by its number plate it probably belongs to the fresh prince of Dubai!

So if you were wondering how Arab super cars come to Europe each year, it is actually quite easy if you pay good money for it. They load them up in big planes and then in delivery trucks and hand them over to you at your hotel, or personal estate, anywhere in Europe. The word is the journey can cost up to $20K per car, but when the cheapest car you are sending over costs something like $300K, you probably don’t care.

The owner of this Mansory Bentley Continental GT has also brought along a red Lamborghini Aventador. Given the weather and the season, he could have gone for a convertible Bentley, but hey, you can’t have it all, right?

Come to think of it, these trips are as much a vacation for the cars as they are for the people who bring them. God knows what happens to these high-performance machines after a few years of working on the heat and dust of the desert. Well, they probably get chucked away and replaced by a newer model.

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