/Up Close with Blue Ferrari F40 in London

Up Close with Blue Ferrari F40 in London

Aqua Blue Ferrari F40 600x358 at Up Close with Blue Ferrari F40 in London

There are only a handful of blue F40s in existence and this one is probably the coolest of them all. This one-of-a-kind blue Ferrari F40 is residing in London these days, which means supercar supremo Shmee150 had to go and check it out.

In this video Shmee gives you a brief tour of the blue Ferrari F40 and then goes for a ride in it. Notice anything unusual about it?

That’s right, this car does not sound like a normal F40 and that’s because its 2.9 liter twin-turbo V8 engine is equipped with a custom catless Tubi exhaust system. So all the delicious V8 notes that were muffled by the turbochargers are now regained and amplified. Of course, purists might scoff at this car for not being original. But they can’t deny it is a lot cooler and more fun to drive  because of those modifications.

Video Shmee150

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