/Ferrari FXX K Spotted on Sale for $4,000,000!

Ferrari FXX K Spotted on Sale for $4,000,000!

ferrari fxx k sale 600x373 at Ferrari FXX K Spotted on Sale for $4,000,000!

We have a sneaking suspicion that Ferrari’s board of directors is busy these days firing some of their accountants or whoever is responsible over there for the pricing policy. They sold the LaFerrari for around $1.3 million at the factory, and the Ferrari FXX K for around two mil more than that. In the open market though, they are going for twice that amount.

Of course, it is partly Ferrari’s own fault for putting a cap on production and therefore inflating that price once the run is sold out. But they must be thinking they could have asked for more and people would have paid it. Instead, they now have to watch through gritted teeth as greedy car dealers make millions selling the cars they ordered for peanuts months ago.

Anyway, back to the story. A brand-new Ferrari FXX K has become available for sale at AlAmeer Motors in Dubai, and the seller is asking for 3.6 million Euros or roughly $4,000,000 USD. That should earn the guy a profit of around $1 million. For that you get a superb racing car with 1,050 horsepower that you can’t really drive anywhere, except on special days and on special tracks. But not many people buy these cars to use them and have fun. They buy them as an investment, so they can make some serious cash on it in a year or so.

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