/Meet the World’s First Chrome McLaren P1

Meet the World’s First Chrome McLaren P1

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Earlier today we showed you a uniquely wrapped McLaren P1 wearing a fairly ridiculous two-tone bumblebee wrap, thinking this is definitely the craziest P1 in the world right now. Then we came across this, which is to our knowledge the first mirror-finish chrome McLaren P1 in the world, and arguably the most insane.

Now, before you start firing insults at this car you should know that this is not a wrap ordered by some rich Arab guy who doesn’t have the first clue about what’s cool and what’s not. This is apparently an MSO job.

That means the company’s special operations unit themselves have come up with this special finish, and then went ahead and chromed the wheels to match the body. Another sign that this chrome McLaren P1 is the outcome of an MSO project is the extended carbon fiber aero kit which is garnished with orange accents.

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Thankfully, the chrome finish on this bad boy is not as shiny as some of the other chrome cars we’ve seen. It’s still pretty showy, verging on being ghastly. But you have to admit it does look rather special, this car, and it accomplishes the owner’s wishes to create the most unique P1 in the world.

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