/Rendering: Ferrari FX SUV

Rendering: Ferrari FX SUV

Ferrari FX SUV 600x349 at Rendering: Ferrari FX SUV

Turns out Ferrari too flirted with the idea of a sporty crossover for a while before dismissing the idea as an affront to the company’s values as a super car maker. They did make one single prototype though, apparently based on the FF, and that has inspired these Ferrari FX SUV renderings which try to show us what could have been.

The Ferrari SUV the company made to experiment with was designed by Giugiaro and it was codenamed F151. The car was basically a jacked-out FF and in fact the FF wouldn’t exist if Ferrari’s top brass had gone ahead with the SUV project. But they didn’t, and the complicated all-wheel-drive they’d developed for the F151 found a home in the FF and the rest is history.

Ferrari F151 600x267 at Rendering: Ferrari FX SUV

The F151 is now part of a private collection as the only Ferrari SUV in the world. But you should be glad that’s the only one, because on the evidence of what we are seeing here, Ferrari did right not to produce the thing. These renderings show a potential production version of that concept, which the designer calls Ferrari FX, and, well, it’s not exactly a looker. In fairness though, the FF was never a pretty car to begin with anyway. Maybe if they’d based the F151 on the 458 it’d be a different story altogether.

Rendering by Theophilus Chin

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