/BMW i8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Revealed

BMW i8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Revealed

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If you were wondering what will be the next step for the technologically-advanced BMW i8, it’s hydrogen fuel cell. BMW has just taken the wraps off an i8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell prototype being readied for 2020 production. It looks and works differently from the current i8.

Those with a more than superficial knowledge of cars know that electric vehicles aren’t really the answer to the transportation problems of the future, owing to the fact that they have limited range and long recharge time. What’s more, the electricity that feeds these cars come from large power stations, most of which burn fossil fuel to create that electricity.

So most experts unanimously agree that hydrogen fuel cell is a more viable solution for the riddle of future powertrains. There is a virtually endless supply of hydrogen here on earth and it can create electricity emitting nothing but H2O, which is water. Most car makers these days have at least one HFCV prototype. But these cars have their own set of unique problems, chief among of which is the production and distribution of liquid hydrogen. That’s why they are losing the battle to EVs, which are already up and running.

That brings us back to the BMW i8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell which boasts a rear-mounted electric motor fed by a stack of fuel cells in the middle of the chassis. Currently, the output of the system is rated at 250 horsepower, but it could be improved in future versions. The car also looks substantially different, and even more futuristic, than the hybrid i8.

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