/Ferrari Corse Clienti Warmup Ritual is Revgasmic!

Ferrari Corse Clienti Warmup Ritual is Revgasmic!

Corse Cleinti Warmup 600x378 at Ferrari Corse Clienti Warmup Ritual is Revgasmic!

There is on other way of saying it: this is pure V12-powered pornography! Apparently, prior to every track session at each of the Corse Clienti events – the name Ferrari has given to their customer track days – the XX competition cars rev their engines in a somewhat twisted harmony to both warm up the motors and excite the crowd. Think of this as an S&M kind of foreplay.

So here’s two and bit minutes of hard-core V12 eargasm. Just a warning, do not use headphones, or you run the risk of having your eardrums blown to pieces:

The cars included in this video are the Ferrari FXX-K which is the Corse Clienti version of the LaFerrari, boasting a 1,050 horsepower version of the same powertrain. Next to that we have the old but still awesome 599 XX rocking a 700 horsepower V12, basically the same engine in the FXX-K and the Enzo FXX, which is the third car taking part in this symphony. The FXX is based on the Enzo but it’s lighter and at 800 horsepower a lot more powerful. During the Corse Clienti events the owners of these amazing machine get race each other in some of the world’s best race tracks. It is fun to be rich.

Video by Worldsupercars

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