/This Is One Angry Little Zonda F!

This Is One Angry Little Zonda F!

Zonda F Rev 600x340 at This Is One Angry Little Zonda F!

There are so many different variants of the Pagani Zonda around these days that it’s really hard to keep track of them all. But being kinda old-school, we prefer the early ones like Zonda F which first came out in 2005. At 650 horsepower, this version is not the most powerful Zonda out there, but it is the rawest and most savage road-going version, on the evidence of the sounds it makes when you step on its rightmost pedal!

We never cease to be amazed by what Pagani achieved with the Zonda. The looks, the sounds, the feel, everything about this car is as exquisite as it gets. What’s particularly cool about the Zonda F is that that “F” is a tribute to Juan Manuel Fangio, the greatest racing driver in history.

Pagani Zonda F Technical Specification:

Engine Mercedes-Benz AMG 12 cylinder V 60°; 48 valves; displacement 7291 cc
Max. Power (kW) hp/rpm: (443) 602/6150
Max. Torque Nm/rpm 760/4000
Weight-to-Power ratio 2,04 kg/hp
Clubsport-version (kW) hp/rpm (478) 650/6200; Nm/rpm: 780/4000; weight-to-Power ratio: 1,89 kg/hp
Intake manifold Aluminium hydroformed alloy/avional MHG-System; exhaust manifold in hydroformed steel/inconel
Transmission Longitudinal mid engine; rear wheel drive with self-locking differential
Clutch Twin plate clutch
Gearbox Mechanical 6 speed (+ reverse)
Brakes 4 ventilated Brembo disks, hydraulic power brake
Steel brakes Front 380×34 mm 6 piston caliper; rear 355×32 mm 4 piston caliper
Carbon-ceramic brakes Front 380×34 mm 6 piston caliper; rear 380×34 mm 4 piston caliper
Steering TRW rack and pinion power assisted
Wheels Forged aluminium/magnesium alloy APP wheels; 19” front, 20” rear
Tyres Michelin Pilot Sport 2: front 255/35/19; rear 335/30/20
Suspensions 4 independent wheels with double A-arm; pull rod helical springs and Öhlins adjustable shocks; anti-roll bar; aluminium/magnesium arms
Structure Central carbon fiber chassis; front and rear Cr Mo space frames; carbon fiber “MD System” bodywork panels
Dimensions Length 4435 mm; width 2055 mm; height 1141 mm; wheelbase 2730 mm; dry weight 1230 kg
Weight distribution 46% front; 54% rear
Downforce ~600 kg at 300km/h (Clubsport version); downforce distribution: ~270 kg front; ~330 kg rear
Vehicle-Diagnosis TMD remote diagnosis; Texa Mobile Diagnostic
Safety ABS/Traction Control Bosch; central carbon fibre safety; cell with steel and carbon fibre roll bar; front and rear impact energy absorbing structure in carbon fibre and Cr Mo
Performance Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3,6 sec.; 0-200 km/h 9,8 sec.; Lateral g’s: 1,4 g with SPORT setting; Braking 200-0 km/h: 4,4 sec.; Top speed: > 345km/h

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