/Rendering: Bugatti Chiron Based on Vision GT

Rendering: Bugatti Chiron Based on Vision GT

Bugatti Chiron Vision GT 600x366 at Rendering: Bugatti Chiron Based on Vision GT

Now that everybody knows what is Bugatti up to with the replacement for the mighty Veyron, and we even have an alleged name to toss around, you can expect more and more speculative renderings of the upcoming Bugatti Chiron. We doubt, however, the next ones will be as good as this.

This right here is a Bugatti Chiron rendering by RM Car Design based on the recently unveiled Vision GT Concept. The Vision, as I’m sure you know, is a virtual concept designed for the Gran Turismo 6 video game. The free reign Bugatti designers had in shaping this bad boy resulted in one spectacular, wild and extremely cool racing car.

While no production model can pull off the styling cues featured on the Vision GT, the designers may have slipped in a few little details in there that they will be using on the Chiron. The rendering artist of this image has picked them up and used them on the profile of the old Veyron to come up with what seems to be a spot on rendition of Bugatti’s upcoming hyper car.

It’s not official yet, but Bugatti Chiron is said to be packing a hybrid powertrain with around 1,500 horsepower, enabling the car to reach a top speed of close to 480 km/h. It is going to rewrite the rule book all over again, just like the Veyron did ten years ago.

Rendering by RM Car Design

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