/Stuff of Dreams: Bentley Mulsanne Wagon

Stuff of Dreams: Bentley Mulsanne Wagon

Bentley Mulsanne Wagon 600x336 at Stuff of Dreams: Bentley Mulsanne Wagon

This is what happens when there are no rules! Rain Prisk Design recently decided to let his mind roam free for a while, trying to imagine what a wagon version of a high-end luxury car would look like. This awesome Bentley Mulsanne Wagon is the result of this moment of madness.

In turning the Mulsanne into a station wagon, the designer took many liberties with the car, changing the front as well as the back end, coming up with his own headlight and fascia design for it, and lowering and widening the vehicle. These changes have added up to make Bentley Mulsanne Wagon a seriously cool and aggressive machine.

We’re not sure about the new headlights, but we are really digging the flared wheel arches and how the car is slammed on a set big black wheels on this Bentley Mulsanne Wagon. The dichotomy between the character of the Bentley as a prestigious British super deluxe saloon and the gangsta look it achieves through the use of all these features is what makes this virtual car an interesting proposition.

We can only imagine what sort of powertrain the designer would recommend for this beast. It’ll be probably something with at least 12 cylinders, a couple of turbochargers, and a super loud exhaust system!

Design by Rain Prisk Design

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