/World’s Uniquest McLaren P1 Spotted in Cannes

World’s Uniquest McLaren P1 Spotted in Cannes

Uniquest McLaren P1 600x356 at World’s Uniquest McLaren P1 Spotted in Cannes

This uniquely wrapped McLaren P1 you see here is no doubt one of the most special examples of the British hyper car in the world. It is surprisingly tasteful, and it has an American number plate. But don’t let those fool you. This is an Arab super car belonging to the Qatari Prince known on the web simply as KHK.

Now, this man apparently owns a Porsche 918 and a Ferrari LaFerrari as well, which makes him one of the few people in the world to own all three of the hybrid hyper cars. He also owns the famous Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt “Khalifa”.

We don’t care about any of that. What we want to know is whether he is the same Qatari Prince who acted like a complete imbecile in Beverly Hills not that long ago. Regardless, there is no question about the beauty and prestige of this McLaren P1. Originally yellow, it is wrapped partially in brushed in chrome and then those chrome parts are garnished with tattoo-like graphics. A tad ostentatious? Maybe. But proper eye candy, nonetheless!

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