/America’s First Aston Martin Vulcan Is Up for Grabs

America’s First Aston Martin Vulcan Is Up for Grabs

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Some of you may remember this red Aston Martin Vulcan from our previous posts. It is the first of its kind to arrive in the United States, and it caused such a stir, it was featured in an in-depth review video. Now Aston Martin Cleveland has put this car on sale, and you won’t believe how much they’re asking for it.

The sticker price for this Aston Martin Vulcan is a mahoosive $3.4 million USD. Granted, this thing is one of only 24 units produced worldwide. But still, that sounds like a lot for a car you can’t even drive on the road, especially as the original cost of it at the factory was about $2.5 million. That is some dealer markup these guys are asking.

In their defense, the Vulcan is sold out and those who managed to buy one from the factory can now pretty much name their own prices, which is exactly what the owner of this example is doing. It is up to you to decide whether the car is worth the asking price, or are you better off buying a Veyron and a Huayra with that money. You can drive both of them on the road.

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