/Ferrari California T Stars in Deserto Rosso

Ferrari California T Stars in Deserto Rosso

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Ferrari wanted to pay homage to the Middle East, one of their biggest and most profitable markets. But they couldn’t really be bothered coming up with a special edition or a one-off, so they just made a video. It’s called Deserto Rosso and it features two California T models driving around a desert.

Deserto Rosso is Italian for “Red Desert,” and it’s a play on words signifying both the traditional racing color of Ferrari cars and the crimson dunes of Arabia’s deepest deserts, as shown in the film:

Just a word of warning if you are enchanted by what you saw here and want to try it, January is pretty much the only month of the year you can drive a convertible with top down in the desert. You do it any other time of the year, you’ll cook in about ten seconds.

Captured in the deserts surrounding the Liwa Oasis, home to some of the highest sand dunes in the world, the film is set over 24 hours, from sunrise to sunset, depicting two California T models gracefully navigating the terrain of the mystical ‘Empty Quarter’, or Rub’ al Khali as it’s known locally.

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