/Spectacular: Ferrari F12tdf at Hotel de Paris

Spectacular: Ferrari F12tdf at Hotel de Paris

Ferrari F12tdf Hotel de Paris 0 600x351 at Spectacular: Ferrari F12tdf at Hotel de Paris

Monte Carlo is the kind of place where seeing a car as rare as the Ferrari F12tdf is not rally a surprise. But even by Monaco standards, the tdf is an absolute hottie, on the evidence of these photos which show the car parked in front of Hotel de Paris.

You see, the way things works over there in Monte Carlo, if you turn up at Hotel de Paris in a car  sexy enough, they allow you to park it in front of the hotel because it makes the scenery even nicer. That is until something cooler turns up, in which case the valet will take you car away and hide it in some parking lot, making room for the more awesome car in the front.

In the case of the Ferrari F12tdf, the car is evidently deemed interesting enough to be granted a place right in front of the hotel’s entrance. Now that is saying something. Of course, that could be because only a handful of production F12tdf models have so far been delivered and the car is still a rare sight. When they start flooding Monaco streets, then obviously they will be sent to the parking lot!

Photos by Dphotographymc

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