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EVO Reviews UK-Spec Ford Mustang GT

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Traditionally, British people have always been skeptical of American muscle cars. Most of them find these cars to be stupid, brash, vulgar, badly made piece of Yankee crap. So how are they going to treat the new Ford Mustang GT which is being officially offered in the British market with a 415bhp V8 engine, a decent price tag of £34,495, and right-hand-drive?

Is the new Ford Mustang GT good enough to convince the Brits all their prejudices about muscle cars are wrong? Well, there are little concerns about the quality of the car, and it doesn’t look that ostentatious, either. So it all comes down to how the car drive really. And that’s what the boys from EVO magazine are trying to find out in this review:

Powering the new Ford Mustang GT is a 420 horsepower (426 PS) and 390 lb.-ft. (529 Nm) of torque. It offers one of the biggest bang for the buck in the UK market today. But the real reason this car might have a chance of survival is that this generation of Mustang finally did away with the live rear axle and replaced it with a semi-sophisticated multi-link system.

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