/Porsche 991 GT3 RS with 997 Look

Porsche 991 GT3 RS with 997 Look

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Granted, you have to be a monumental Porsche geek to make sense of the numbers and letters mentioned above. But those of you who are will realize that a cool thing has been done here, and that is giving the new Porsche 991 GT3 RS the looks of the old 997 GT3 RS.

So while the uninterested will say so-freaking-what to that, Porsche aficionados will be like, that’s awesome! The old 997 RS with its grey paint job and red accents had a distinct look that only appealed to the most hard-core Porsche fans. So whatever reason, Porsche decided to discontinue that paint scheme with the new generation, the 991. Instead they are offering a range of vibrant colors for the new car, such as Gulf Blue and Ultraviolet Purple.

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But don’t worry. You can still have that charming 997 GT3 RS look on your 991 GT3 RS thanks to the magic of aftermarket modification. The car you see here is done by the boys at Chicago-based tuning house the Auto Arts, and it looks great. They have blacked-out some of the shiny exterior trim and replaced some of the badges and emblems with stickers in true RS fashion. Then they painted the wheels, mirror caps and some of the air vents in red, and voila. It’s black and red, but hey.

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