/Wrecked Porsche 918 on Sale for Peanuts!

Wrecked Porsche 918 on Sale for Peanuts!

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With an original price tag of nearly one and a half million dollars,  the Porsche 918 Spyder is not even a dream car for most of us, especially now that the production has ended the prices are on the rise. But there is a way you can own one of this for the price of a new Maserati or AMG Merc. You won’t be able to drive, but still, you’ll own a 918!

So you can buy this utterly wrecked Porsche 918 Spyder which is currently on sale on an online auction site with 92 miles on the clocks and the bids standing at $78,500 USD (at the moment of writing this article). The estimated repair cost is said to be around $600,000, which means that, theoretically, you can end up with a functioning 918 that hasn’t cost you more than 700 grand.

The thing is, if you can afford to spend 700 grand on a car in the first place, you probably can afford to buy a new one of these for whatever it costs – two or three million dollars. We reckon the more clever course of auction here would be to buy this car, strip it off the parts that aren’t damage, and sell those parts individually. That way you could potentially double your original investment.

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