/Blacked-Out Techart Porsche Panamera Looks Dope

Blacked-Out Techart Porsche Panamera Looks Dope

Techart Porsche Panamera Black 0 600x360 at Blacked Out Techart Porsche Panamera Looks Dope

Even though it’s tricked-out and fiddled with, Techart Porsche Panamera is still hardly a looker mainly because the car it is based on is, and will always be, a complete uggo. But there’s a way around it, as demonstrated by this Teachart Panamera, and that is painting everything in black.

That way you get the prominent look of the Techart Porsche Panamera aero kit, the imposing size of the car, and absolutely brilliant drive of the car, but since it’s all black, people are not going to notice how weird the car looks. All they see is a blacked-out super saloon the size of a small yacht, and they are going to think that’s gangsta.

Now if you were to dissect Techart Porsche Panamera and know more about its extra bits, You’d notice the car boasts a fairly large front spoiler that gives the bumper more girth. Then there is the side skirts which are a mandatory part of every body kit worth the plastic it is made from, and at the back a cool diffuser insert and a tall rear wing.

But the black theme remains this Panamera’s strong suit. The body has been finished in a superb matte black, while the wheels are given a coast of gloss black and the tailpipes are finished in a sating shade of that color. This is one of the meanest looking family cars you can buy, and that’s why it’s cool.

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