/Rendering: Tesla Model 3 Wide Body

Rendering: Tesla Model 3 Wide Body

Tesla Model 3 Wide Body 600x389 at Rendering: Tesla Model 3 Wide Body

Tesla Model 3 is the hottest new car right now and it has taken the internet by storm. Naturally, when a car goes viral like this, a ton of renderings emerge the next day depicting the said car in various forms and body style. And sure enough, here’s the first such rendering of the Model 3 showing it with a wide body kit on.

Penned by famous car designer Jon Sibal, this Tesla Model 3 Wide Body enhances the original design by modifying every single dull part of the body, from the roof, to the door panels, to the skirts, fenders, bumpers, and aero parts. Model 3 is not a very exciting car to look at in standard form, so this image could serve as a template for those who want to address that issue when they received their cars.

And there will be people willing to change and modify their Tesla Model 3, as Tesla says they have received more than $7 billion worth of orders in the first day alone. Not all of those people are going to be satisfied with the plain jain looks. We hope some tuner or rendering artist come up with a similar treatment like this wide body kit for the interior because, as you may know, Model 3 does not have an interior as such, just massive central screen and a steering wheel.

Rendering by Jon Sibal

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