/Silver McLaren P1 Wrecked in China

Silver McLaren P1 Wrecked in China

McLaren P1 Wreck 1 600x304 at Silver McLaren P1 Wrecked in China

Another one of the world’s 375 McLaren P1 hyper cars bites the dust, at least temporarily, in a city in China. This time it’s a silver example involved in a devastating crash, and by the looks of things it’s suffered heavy damages.

China is home to a great number of super and hyper cars, but unfortunately these hyper machines have to share the roads with the billion other crap cars running around the country. And, well, sometimes this ungodly combination results in terrible events such as this McLaren P1 wreck which happened the other day in the city of Hangzhou.

McLaren P1 Wreck 1 1 600x369 at Silver McLaren P1 Wrecked in China

As you see in the pictures, the accident has left the front-end of this P1 badly damaged on one side, while on the other the side has gotten the worst of the blow. Three of the car’s four wheels have got clipped pretty good, which means the suspension is gone too, and maybe the chassis is cracked as well.

McLaren P1 Wreck 2 600x600 at Silver McLaren P1 Wrecked in China

You see, the problem with super high-tech cars like the P1 is that they have a carbon monocoque chassis which, if damaged even slightly, cannot be repaired and you basically need a new car. That’s why this P1 might be wreck.

Via Autogespot

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