/Super Unique McLaren P1 MSO Sighted in Qatar

Super Unique McLaren P1 MSO Sighted in Qatar

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Qatar is a tiny kingdom in the Persian Gulf barely larger than an average-sized district in New York. But because they are sitting on huge reserves of gas and oil, this little space is immensely rich and its millionaires, like all other Arabs, like to blow up their easy cash on fancy cars – cars like this one of a kind McLaren P1 MSO the like of which you won’t find even at Woking.

The amazing Qatari McLaren P1 MSO we have here features a unique paint scheme that not everybody is going to find tasteful, but one that cannot be described as anything less than impressive and spectacular. It consists of gunmetal grey body panels with a nice metallic coat, complemented with exposed carbon fiber panels and aero parts, garnished with McLaren orange accents and details. There’s also many exclusive emblems and gloss black wheels.

It’s interesting how Arabs loath the Western culture and go so far as (if the 9/11 Saudi papers are to be believed) financing terrorists to battle it, and yet they have no problem enjoying the fruits of that very civilization. Some may call them hypocrites, but in any case it will be fascinating to see how the West will treat them when the oil runs out. Then it’s going to be photos of MSO camels spotters in Doha and Riyadh will Instagram.

Via Qatarcarsspotter

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