/Ferrari 488 GTB Nimrod LeMans Sighted in Budapest

Ferrari 488 GTB Nimrod LeMans Sighted in Budapest

Ferrari 488 GTB Nimrod LeMans 0 600x359 at Ferrari 488 GTB Nimrod LeMans Sighted in Budapest

Nimrod is probably one of the most hated exotic car tuners on account of the godawful things they do to Ferraris and Lamborghinis. One of their latest creations is the Ferrari 488 GTB Nimrod LeMans and although we thought nobody would ever buy such a thing, one has been spotted on the streets of Budapest.

Nimrod Luxury Cars has a special way of doing things and peculiar ideas as to what makes a car cool. Their body kits are unnecessarily massive and feature way too much details. And they are not good details; almost none of them are easy on the eyes.  In the case of Ferrari 488 GTB Nimrod LeMans, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show a while back, the worst parts are the nose cone and the side vents. Mind you, the owner of this particular one has not helped things by painting on it sky blue accents. Just about the only part of this car we don’t find objectionable is the rear wing arrangement, but we reckon that’s a copy of some other tuner’s work.

When you read how Nimrod themselves describe the limited edition Ferrari 488 GTB Nimrod LeMans you get a better idea why it looks the way it does: “With this car we created a classic speciality with which we intend to bow before the deservedly famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. In NIMROD LeMans you can find everything for which you like a car. It provides strength and confidence, yet the joyful driving capabilities capture you imperceptibly. With the LeMans we created a car possessing the duplicity of mankind. It is a little bit of a hedonist, a little bit of an exhibitionist, yet is as reliable as a true companion.”

Photos by Dániel Balogh via Gumbal

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